English menu – Restaurant Au Chapeau Gris – Versailles

Discover our selection of dishes, starters and desserts in our restaurant Au Chapeau Gris in Versailles, near the castle. You will be served by professionals in love with French cuisine.



 Fish soup, croutons and spicy garlic sauce, cheese

Hare terrine with walnuts, fig jam

Pheasant puff pastry, mushrooms, porto sauce

Smoked salmon on the spot, butter lemon dill

              Endive salad, Serrano ham and cheese auvergne blue

6 oysters “fine de Claire n°2”                + 3 €

   6 oysters “special n°3”                         + 4 €

Starters for food lovers – 18 €

 Pan-fried frog à la provencale, small salad +10 €

                             Smoked Saint Jacques salad, shavings of foie gras          + 8 €

             The duck foie gras cooked and our house brioche bread, chestnut jam +6 €

Pan-fried frog à la provencale, small salad +10 €
The duck foie gras cooked and our house brioche bread, chestnut jam +6 €

Main course 23 €

The leg of lamb , Rosemary juice, Vendée mogette

                             Lamb kidneys with garlic cream, fresh tagliatelles

           Roasted sea bream, raised fish fillets endive tatin with walnuts

                              Cod steak, carrot juice, rösti of Brussels sprouts

                    Wild boar stew with blueberries, fried vegetables of yesteryear

     Rolled calf head in home-made mayonnaise, served with steamed potatoes

                             Sirloin mature, parsley butter, potato gratin to the cheese

The Gourmet Dishes Unique – 33 €

French fillet of beef, browned potatoes, foie gras sauce       +15 €
Lobster fricassee, chanterelles cream, vegetables turned      +15 €
Braised veal sweetbreads,spinach and mushrooms     +15 €
Fried sole meuniere with boiled potatoes                     +15 €
Roasted lobster                                                      +15 €


Please order your dessert when choosing the rest of your meal

Paris Brest with pistachio and raspberry, red fruit coulis

       Iced soufflé with grand marnier, cream of brown

    The fruit salad of the moment, kalamansi sorbet

                    Plate of cheese AOC and salad

     The sweet chocolate with white fondant heart

                    Tart with banana, lemon cream

            The rice pudding with cinnamon and mango

Homemade crème brulée with coffee

Dessert for food lovers

 Tarte tatin quince, salted butter caramel ice cream   +3 €

             Suzette house pancakes, flambed at the Grand Marnier +3 €

                              Tea or coffee with a selection of pastries                      +4 €

The little princes menu 13 €

** Served up to twelve years **

  • The house bolognaise or salmon steak with fresh tagliatelle pastas
  • Vanilla ice-cream and stawberry or chocolate crepe soft drink